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Individual Maps

Here's How the Maps Work:

Below this page you will find the individual maps. Here we have taken 51 memoirs and mapped them based on specific categories. When you hover your mouse over a point on the map, an image and text will appear. You can read about the person behind the memory and the places in the ghetto that the person remembers.

The categories:

We have created seven different categories for the maps, which we have developed from, and mapped according to, the survivors' memories. You can see the categories in the picture on the right. Not all people have all categories in their maps. This is because some of the memoirs have not reported anything in a given category. For example, some cards only have dwelling and/or feared places - while other maps contain all seven categories, which are: Work Place, Residence, Free Space, Feared Place, Food Delivery, Medical Treatment, Black Market Dealing


For further explanation of the categories, you can take a look at the project's methodology. You will find this on the front page of the website.

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