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The website was created on the basis of a fieldwork carried out in Terezín in the spring of 2018. Watch the video for a one-minute introduction to the website. Hear more about the project in the video next to it. Below you will find shortcuts to other videos.

In the video above, you can hear project manager Therkel Straede present the project and our working approach. You can also click 'Read More' under 'Methodological Approach'  for a more in-depth review of the project -  or cheat shortcut and watch the videos for the community maps and the individual maps.

How to study memoirs

Approach & Data Handling


Project Partners

In addition to the project's close collaboration with the Network for Nazism- and Holocaust Studies, NNHS, we have a number of other collaboration partners and contributors. If you or your company, organization etc. would like to be part of the project, contact us and have a good chat. We are constantly looking for partners to spread the project.


The project 'The Danish Jews in Theresienstadt', which belongs to the association Network for Nazism and Holocaust Studies, which is an association under the University of Southern Denmark, has received support from the Czech Embassy in Copenhagen


During the preparation of the fieldwork in Terezín, Památnik Terezín provided premises and internet. Likewise, they provided museums and their own historians for our fieldwork.

Network for Nazism and Holocaust Studies

The project 'The Danish Jews in Theresienstadt' entered into a collaboration earlier this year, 2018. The collaboration covers the project's website and future activities.


For the establishment of the versions of our website in German, Czech, Swedish and English, we have received a generous donation from the foundation 'Arcadia - a Charitable Fund of Lisbet Rausing & Peter Baldwin' (London).

Tyske ambassade tysk.png

The German version of the website has been supported by the German Embassy in Copenhagen.


A special thanks to

Per Grau Møller, Lektor, lic.phil. at University of Southern Denmark. 

Ib Katznelson, cand.polit., Survivor from Theresienstadt 1944-45. 

Jan Roubinek, leader of Terezín Memorial/Památnik Terezín. 

Tomáš Fedorovič, Chief-historian at Terezín Memorial/Památník Terezín.

Silvia Goldbaum Tarabini Fracapane PhD in History at Technical University Berlin


Dr. Peter Baldwin, Prof, History, UCLA

Dr. Radek Pech, Botschafter, and Katerina Laničková, cultural attache the embassy of Czech Republic in København


Lada Halounová, Translator to Czech, Prague


Dr. Pascal Hector, Botschafter, Lasse Rodewald, cultural attache, Lars Eric Bliesener & Till Schmoller, Übersetzer The German embassy in Copenhagen

Ass. Prof. Dr. Martin Lund, Malmö University


Melissa Lucas, PhD, Danish Instructor and Translator

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